The Grand Prince
Hotel Kyoto
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For your convenience while participating in NAUM, we have pre-booked rooms at the hotel nearest to the main Summit venue.

The Grand Prince Hotel Kyoto is located just a 5 minute walk from the Kyoto International Conference Center. Having recently celebrated its 30th anniversary, the hotel is a place of historical significance where many international delegations of scientists, politicians and public figures have stayed at various times. The hotel is in a quiet location 30 minutes from the center of Kyoto.

The rooms reserved for Summit participants will remain available for booking until September 30.

Tokyu Stay Hotel Kyoto Ryogaemachi Dori
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Tokyu Stay Hotel Kyoto Ryogaemachi Dori is located near major city attractions, such as Kyoto International Manga Museum, Nijo Castle, Samurai Kembu Theater, and the Imperial Palace.

Kyoto ICC, the NAUM’19 venue, can be reached by subway (5 stations) or taxi (10-minute ride).