Welcome to Belgrade, Serbia!
What is NAUM all about?

The Nanoaugmented Materials Industry Summit is a regular event in the materials industry calendar being held for the sixth time. The Summit was born as a result of advanced materials manufacturers and sustainable companies wanting to get together to share their specialist knowledge, to develop next-generation products, and to discuss the influence of nanoaugmented materials on global industry energy efficiency and on environmental aspects.

Another essential NAUM’24 topic is the auto industry, which is currently undergoing a technology revolution in terms of power sources and materials that is driving dramatic changes in other related industries.

Join us in Belgrade and find out what the future will be made of!

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NAUM'19 speakers
Dr Morinobu Endo
Distinguished Professor
Shinshu University, Institute of Carbon Science and Technology
Takushi Sugino
Group Leader
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)
Ivica Kolaric
Head of Department
Fraunhofer IPA
Faris Ustamujic
Senior Engineer
Airbus Defence and Space
Dr Jian Lin
Vice President
Shenzhen BAK Power Battery Co, Ltd.
Matteo Pasquali
Professor and Chair of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Rice University
Melina Remers
Material Design Engineering
Lufthansa Technik Intercoat
Adam Nevin
Innovation Lead
Trelleborg Applied Technologies
Junpei Terada
Manager, Chemicals Division, Marketing Department
Daikin Industries
Jonathan N Coleman
Professor of Chemical Physics
Trinity College Dublin
Shingo Shinohara
Sales Manager
Nagase ChemteX
Dr Mikhail Predtechenskiy
Head of R&D and Co-founder
OCSiAl Group
Yury Koropachinskiy
President and Co-founder
OCSiAl Group
Andrey Senyut
Vice President. CEO OCSiAl Energy
OCSiAl Group
Ari Rosling
R&D Director
Arctic Biomaterials
Cen Wang
Vice President
Amprius (Nanjing)
Chihiro Shinoda
PD Battery materials
DAIKIN Industries
Daisuke Shimizu
R&D Manager
Kusumoto Chemicals
Dr DeChun Fu
Managing Director, BYK Greater China
BYK Additives (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Dr Diego A. Santamaría Razo
Director of Innovation Centre
Dr. Marco Burth
Product Development Manager
Lehmann & Voss
Ekaterina Gorbunova
Vice President. Elastomers
OCSiAl Group
Gunther Van Kerckhove
Health & Safety Lead Manager
OCSiAl Group
Jean-Nicolas Helt
Development and Support Leader for Elastomers
OCSiAl Group
Junpei Maeda
Polymer engineer
Chemicals Evaluation and Research Institute (CERI)
Koji Endo
Senior Researcher
Yano Research Institute
Kuniharu Takei
Osaka Prefecture University
Lan Ma-Hock
Inhalation Toxicology
Maxim Predtechenskiy
Head of Department
UJET International
Michail Nedanov
Project Engineer
Okado Hiroki
R&D Manager
Japan U-Pica Company
Olga Moskalyuk
Textile and technique
Piotr Saferna
R&D Leader
Rob Thompson
Chief of Materials
Romesh Kaul
Former CEO
Mahindra CIE Automotive
Ryo Asano
Chief Developer
Dynic Corporation
Sadayoshi Yamasaki
Scott Donne
Professor of Chemistry
University of Newcastle
Tanaka Yoshiaki
Senior Researcher
Yano Research Institute
Vladimir Kravchenko
Project Manager
OCSiAl Group
Yasuteru Saito
General Manager
Zakhar Bolshakov
Vice President. Polymers
OCSiAl Group
Daisuke Suzuki
Albert Kow
Founder & CEO
Tako Astatic Technology
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